5 out of 5 stars
197 reviews
1890 Starshoot Parkway , Suite 185LexingtonKY40509US Chiropractic Centers8592632774
1890 Starshoot Parkway , Suite 185LexingtonKY40509US Chiropractic Centers8592632774
5 out of 5 stars
“Brief history...Former marine, medically retired from law enforcement of 14 years. I'm 43 and have treated my body like it was a circus in the past. I have been going to Revive for a month now and I can say I'm smiling at home now, happy and even hav...” View Alle more energy. My body's aches and pains I took for granted living with for so long are being relived. Revive Chiropractic not only adjusts your neck and spine. But they offer massage, Detox programs, and a fitness/ wellness program. The staff, including the front desk, are knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Your routine is tailored for each individual, and not once have I felt rushed or just a number to them. Do not wait to be injured and your physician to refer you. Give Revive a call. Even if your body feels good, it still needs to be maintained, yup, they do that too. You do not have to hurt to be a part of the family. Thank you EVERYONE at Revive. God Bless! TW”
1890 Starshoot Parkway , Suite 185LexingtonKY40509US Chiropractic Centers8592632774
5 out of 5 stars
“Dr. Nick and his staff are absolutely phenomenal! I've had the pleasure of working with Shaw-nee and Dr. Nick directly are a both kind and lovely with gentle caring spirits. They are knowledgeable, thorough, responsive, and respectful. When you get to the ...” View Alloffice you will be acknowledged immediately and helped with any paperwork you may need. There is a play area for children and you will be given a tour to make you feel at home in their open concept office. They are more than just a chiropractor! They help you set goals and with healthy eating, exercise, pregnancy chiropractic care, massage, children's chiropractic care, community care and so much more. Do you and your life a favor and go check them out today!”
1890 Starshoot Parkway , Suite 185LexingtonKY40509US Chiropractic Centers8592632774
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I’ve been going for about 6 years! I wouldn’t change a thing! Dr Nick has help motivate me to be more healthy overall! He always finds the time to sit and talk with me if I have a concern or if I just want to learn more!!! In the time I have been there my TMJ (jaw) stopped hurting! He helps my sinuses to get better! And I’ve even noticed my emotions change for the better by getting adjusted long-term! Everyone there is always so positive, informative, and helpful!!! Thanks to all for helping transform my life!!!

-Michael R.

Anyone who knows me also knows I have suffered with arthritis for many years. Recently a friend of mine introduced me to Dr Nick and his staff here at Revive Chiropratic and I feel great. Not just physically but emotionally as well. My journey has just begun and I feel so grateful and blessed to have met Dr Nick, Miss Sheena and Miss Sarah. Please don’t suffer any longer; give REVIVE a chance to show you a better way.

-Terrie H.

I first came here to address some lower back pain and found out that I had a curve that was about 8 degrees in my lumbar region. After seeing the results upon completing my treatment plan I knew I would continue with this therapy throughout my life! My spine is now less than 1 degree from being completely straight and I have not had that back pain since! Thanks you Dr Nick! ♡

-Kimberly C.

I finally found someplace that wants to heal me instead of just giving me meds to mask my true issues. I’ve only been going for a month, but already can tell a huge difference not only in my pain, but my mobility and even my attitude. I would recommend Revive Chiropractic Clinic again and again.

-Tracy L.

I have had such a great experience with Dr. Nick, I was having back pain back in October and it’s been amazing the change ever since I’ve been seeing him…If you are looking for a chiropractor definitely visit revive! He has set such a uplifting positive atmosphere as well, I have nothing but great things to say 🙂

-Andrea H.

I just completed the Maximized Living nutrition class with Dr. Nick, for a second time & ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! I enjoyed meeting others who are concerned about changing their eating habits to develop a healthy lifestyle! This class teaches awareness of the various foods consumed on a daily basis both good & bad. What’s bad, might be good & what’s good, might not be the best choice. I highly recommend everyone take a chance & get introduce to awesome & fantastic food choices that could prolong your life!!!

-Jenean P.

I have been coming to Dr. Nick for adjustments since 2012. Almost 5 years now. He is amazing. I feel great, and my body thanks me for finding him when I did!! I recommend anyone reading this if you haven’t been adjusted by him you must.

-Jennifer B.

My daughter and I have just recently met Dr Nick and started treatments with him. He and all his staff are very friendly and accommodating. Dr Nick is very knowledgeable and informative making sure his patients understand the reasoning of all the adjustments and exercises. I would recommend him to anyone looking for pain relief or maintenance treatments! He’s a jewel!

-Donna H.

I highly recommend Dr. Nick! He’s helping me with an issue that other doctors only want to use drugs and surgery, and we are having great progress! You will be glad you decided to see him too!

-Ginny S.

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